About us

I am a widowed father of six children and two beautiful grandbabies. I love my children and I love my country and i'm concerned with the direction we're going with regards to our complete and total division as a nation. Disagreement is healthy but we've come to a point where it's hate for the left if your'e on the right or hate for the right if your'e on the left with no middle ground and no respect for each other's feelings. We are in desperate need to come together for the future of our children. Nothing can be accomplished in our current state. Together we stand and divided we fall.  The charities that iv'e chosen are also close to my heart. My wife passed away 2015 from a epileptic attack and my son eldest son passed a few years before that due to an asthma attack so the asthma and allergy foundation and the children's mercy epilepsy center are really important to me. Iv'e also chosen the save the children hurricane maria relief for Puerto Rico and wounded warrior. So please join me in bringing our nation together and giving to these very just charities. Thank you and God bless